Brown Bags

These brown bags were saved from the trash during a rainstorm.

2011. Mixed Media. 5'x4'x3'.

21 Modules

2018. Found Pegboard, Wood, Screws. 16'x8'

5 Drawing Tools (a gift to Bart)

One day, I noticed a colleague of mine drawing with a large chared log. I encouraged him to put handles on the log. He eventually expressed that he hurt his back moving this large object around the paper.

Hillbilly Teahouse

2012. Wood, Metal and Rubber. 9'x7.5'x8'.


2017. Squirrel Fan, Hot Water Tank, Found Gear, Found Grate, Chain, Various Metal. 3.25'x3'x4.25'.


2010. Digital Media.

Blue-Collar Hillbilly Metropolitan Redneck Suit

2012. Used clothing, cardboard, hot glue


Go to a dumpster, find something in need of repair and repair it with items from the dumpster.

Workbench with Homemade Drill Bit (Ode to Twombly)

2017. Mixed Media. 5'x5'x7'.

Truck Bed

2016-2018. Cardboard, Masking Tape.

Temporary Object

2017. Saw horses, Found painting, Found Tarps. 14'x8'x4'.

Alaskan Sawmill Performance (Collaboration with Clarence Adrian McKinney II)

2017. Wood, Cinder Block, iPhone 4. 7'x14"x18".

Collection of Tools (some found, made or purchased) in Progress

2007-2017. Mixed Media. 7'x7'.